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I love #Music, Do You?
I am looking for original music... Busco música original...


Music Monday... Featuring San Simon

1 min read

Growing up in New York City exposed me to just about every type of you music you can think of.  Latin Soul is one of those and although I don't listen to it often when I do it relaxes me and it makes me proud that someone who is related to me is so talented in this genre.

Before you say anything just listen.  Listen while you drive walk, clean, workout, its the kind of music that will let you work and move while enjoying something great.


For The Love of Music

2 min read

I Love to read, I love to write, I love photography but since I was very young I have always loved Music.  It's something that is there at special events, weddings, birthdays any school parties.  Listen to music on my way to school or on my way home from school.  Started with a Sony Walkman AM/FM then graduated to a Sony Walkman with Cassettes remember the yellow sports one. From there I got into a CD player in junior high school, to a mini disk in high school/ college.  Like everyone else when the internet got faster I got into MP3 and every kind of MP3 player ever made.  Can you tell I have been listing to music for a while.

The purpose of blog is to shine a light on up and coming artist in any type of music I like. With a focus on Hip Hop and R & B that make me move, feel good.  At first I will share one great artist per week and later on I will change this to be a podcast where you can download and listen to many artist while you work, drive, work out or just chill at home.